Welcome to a DESIGNER'S world.

Hello, this is Vivian Zhu (Tongyu Zhu)
Glad to see you visit here
Dream to be a Front-End Web Developer
Expected to graduate in May 2021
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Basic information

I am a Computer Science Major student at University of Southern California and would graduate in May 2021. Dream to be a Front End Web Developer. Coding language from most proficient to least: C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java.

Fun Fact

I'm a huge K-pop fan and journaling lover :) I constantly upload journal photots and collection to my art website. If you are interestd, check out my art page under portfolio section.


Web Design

Used lots of web-based applications such as Angular, Bootstrap and Sketch to design basic outline of website and implement actual demo. High proficiency in web-related languages like CSS and Javascript to add fancy styles to the website. Interested in design and check out to see my art website for more inspiration.

Coding Languages

As a Computer Science Major student, my main language is C++. I built lots of projects based on it since sophomore year. Based on C++ basic logic, then I self-studied some Javascript. Also, I learned HTML, CSS as a helper for my web-related projects.


Born in China, I am a native Madarin speaker and have high fluency in reading, speaking and writing. Also, I grew up in a envrionment where English is like a second language. As a personal interest, basic Korean speaking and listening might be a bonus!


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My Art Webpage

The website is about my personal artistic collections. It includes past journal pictures, traveling photos and edited vlog videos done by myself. This is more about my designing inspiration and more of personal side collections. Click detail to see more about what I'm interested and another me in real life.

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Lindsay Cai's Website

This website I made for my friend Lindsay Cai details about her personal life. It's a simplistic style and introduces her past experience and function as a great way of showing herself.

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This is a website for book lovers to generate personal recommendation and discover unknown books. Personal Profile with registered account is also supported.



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